Photography Blog Retirement Trip 12/14/2021

Rick Rivera. So I officially am retiring from my job with the Department of Veterans Affairs on December 31, 2021. I have some annual leave left so I decided to take them before I retire. So my last day at work was December 8th.  December 14th I took a road trip by myself to west Texas. Big Bend National Park. The drive wasn’t too bad since I decided to upgrade my 2017 Honda CRV (Brenda) to a 2022 Santa Cruz (Betty). Anyways, the ride was fun, eight hours. The ride after getting off of I-20 was almost secluded, second guessing myself if the GPS was sending me to the wrong location. I got there around 2PM ish and the park was freaking amazing, beautiful, so darn pretty. The weather was just perfect. Sun shining, temperatures around 80, not hot at all. I drove into the park got to the gate, had my park pass, Ranger says, welcome, gave me a sticker and I was on my way. The only one in line. I was shocked. I guess I expected long ass lines but nope. And the road ahead just appeared to keep on forever and towards these beautiful hills and mountains. I was in awe, feelings of fear and wonder. I thought where is this road going to take me. Will I make it to the campsite before sunset. Hell, my first time camping on my own, I had no idea what to expect. So, I kept driving to what appeared to be shining objects miles ahead of me. A building? Cars? Who knows? Meanwhile I was driving slowly looking around at what was dry mountains and landscape, but still beautiful as ever. I thought this is so cool. If I could only bring everyone I knew with me to see how beautiful this place really is, so quiet, so warm, so……lonely. I’d hate to be stuck here at night. Eeeeeek! 

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